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Current Funding


Development of a High-Performance Low-field MRI for Dynamic Imaging (Link)
Sponsor: NSF Major Research Infrastructure, 10/2018 — 9/2023
This project will develop a new and unique MRI system to enable groundbreaking research in dynamic imaging technologies, as well as in the science of human spoken language communication and the science of sleep that are not possible with any conventional MRI configuration.

Precise DCE-MRI Assessment of Brain Tumors (Link)
Sponsor: NIH/NCI Cancer Moonshot, 10/2017 — 9/2020
This project will optimize and translate a new DCE-MRI scan to better characterize brain tumor response to therapy, utilizing sparse sampling and constrained reconstruction.

Novel Identification of Myocardial Scar Tissue using Arterial Spin Labeling (Link)
Sponsor: American Heart Association, 7/2019 — 6/2022
This project will develop a new ultra-safe technique for identifying myocardial scar in humans, based on an MRI technique called arterial spin labeling, and the fact that scar-tissue has near zero perfusion at rest.

Novel Myocardial Perfusion Stress Test using Arterial Spin Labeling (Link)
Sponsor: NIH/NHLBI, 7/2016 — 6/2020
Many patients undergo cardiac stress testing to check for signs of heart disease or to check their heart health before a major surgery. The goal of this research is to develop a new safer testing option that may be more appropriate for use in patients who have to be checked often, such as those suffering from kidney failure.

Dynamics of Vocal Tract Shaping (Link)
Sponsor: NIH/NIDCD, 5/2005 — 4/2020
Aims: To develop real-time MRI methods for studying vocal tract shaping during human speech production. This includes synchronized audio recording, airway segmentation, and shape analysis.

Understanding Individual-level speech variability: From novel articulatory data to robust speaker recognition (Link)
Sponsor: NSF Medium, 9/2015 — 8/2020
The goal of this project is to investigate the articulatory basis of inter-speaker variability.


  • Nutrition and Obesity Research Center of Los Angeles (NORC-LA)
  • Image Quality Enhancement for High-Performance Low-Field MRI
  • Diagnostic 3D Real-Time MRI at 0.55 Tesla
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